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Company History

Marcure Insurance

Company History


Today Marcure Insurance is a family based independent insurance agency focused on providing the people of western Montana stable, competitive insurance policies to protect their most valuable assets including their homes, cars, ranches and businesses.  We strive for long term relationships with our clients, we want to be more than the place you buy your insurance, we want to be your trusted advisors for your insurance needs.

          Marcure Insurance’s roots date back to 1967.  Ed “Biz” Marcure became the first full time agent hired in western Montana to represent Farmers Union Insurance.  Prior to this hire Farmers Union Insurance was mainly an agricultural based insurance company in the eastern two-thirds of Montana.  In 1971 the agency re-located one door east to its current location at 249 West Front Street in downtown Missoula.  Through the next decade many agents where hired by Farmers Union but Biz was the only one who stayed in the downtown Missoula office.  In 1982 Eileen Marcure, Biz’s wife, joined the insurance agency creating the family based insurance agency concept that has been maintained for decades.  This family atmosphere has been a key component to the agency’s success and ability to excel.

          In May of 1989 Biz and Eileen introduced their son, Andre, to the insurance industry furthering the family based concept.  Shortly thereafter the entity we know today as Marcure Insurance was formed.  Biz Marcure eventually retired in 1992 leaving the insurance business to his wife and son.  Eileen and Andre were able to grow the agency and add some additional companies to supplement the areas in which there were no insurance policies available.  In May of 2005 Eileen retired ending a successful and storied insurance career.  In the years since Marcure Insurance has been able to keep the valuable relationship with Farmers Union Insurance as well as adding new insurance companies to help broaden the ability to protect you and your family.

          Today Marcure Insurance is proud to be able to represent Farmers Union, Safeco, Travelers, Progressive, QBE, Foremost and other companies.  The intent is to be a family based insurance agency to protect your most valuable assets and be able to do this competitively by offering access to the best insurance companies available.  We want to be the trusted advisors you and your family turn to.